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Delirium Noël

December 30, 2009

Hello!  Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending on when and where you are reading this.  Welcome to my blog dedicated to sharing my love for craft beer with the rest of the world.  I hope to spread the joy of a “Beer Epiphany”with all those still under the Macro-spell.  I’m going to start right off and get into the thick of things with a beer review.  My first blog review will be of  Huyghe Brewery’s Delirium Noël.

I decided to pick up a bottle of this from my local beer store (Friar Tuck-Peoria) after trying it draft at a local Peoria, IL bar.  By the time I got to Delirium I was past the point where I could have taken quality notes on the brew.  However, this didn’t prevent me from realizing that this was something I would want to take home and give a full review of.

It is a big 750 ml ceramic bottle with red foil surrounding the cork and cage.  The artwork is of the Delirium pink elephants wearing Santa hats dancing around in a snow field.   Odd, but endearing.  The bottle states this is a “Belgian Ale” and lists it as a Belgian Strong Dark Ale.  I’m trying to pull info off of the website, but even though I chose English as my language of choice everything is still unreadable.

The cork let out a satisfying “POP” as the pressure was released and a stream of visible gas crept out.  A pour into my Delirium Tremens tulip glass reveals a gorgeous ruby-pink color that is clear and full of bubbles.  The head is tight and off-white.  The aroma is complex.  A wonderful balance between yeast, hops, and malt.  It has that “musty” nose of many Belgians in the Saison style.  Fruitiness is  there in the form of banana and maybe a hint of spice as well.  After being in the glass for a bit a whiff of bubblegum emerges.  The smells change so fast I have trouble settling on any on aroma.  They are gone before I can pinpoint exactly what I’m smelling.  The flavor is malty with a dash of hops.   Alcohol is present, not overpowering (10% ABV), but you know it’s there.  This far in the lacing is spotty, but a thin layer of head remains.  The mouth is medium bodied and leaves a stickiness on the tongue and inner cheek.  It’s drinkable, not great, but good nonetheless.

Bottle: 750 ml Corked

Appearance: 4.5/5

Aroma: 3.9/5

Taste: 3.8/5


hfeel: 3.7/5

Drinkablility: 3.7/5

Overall: 3.92/5


Note: I apologize for the poor photography in this one.  I was not reviewing in a room with very good lighting, but this will change shortly.

Please feel free to post any comments, thoughts, or suggestions regarding this post or Beer Epiphany in general.


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  1. Thanks for pointing out your blog. Keep it coming. Cheers! – @thisbeer

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