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Delirium Tremens Review

January 15, 2010

This beer from Brouwerij Huyghe borrows it’s name from a severe form of alcohol withdrawal.  Symptoms of Delirium Tremens include tremors, seizures, delirium,  anxiety, and depression (Google Health).   Fortunately for you, drinking the beer Delirium Tremens won’t give you any of the aforementioned ailments unless you ignore the 8.5% ABV listed on the label.

Instead, if you respect the pink elephants adorning the bottle you will be rewarded with a chorus of the best Belgian Strong Pale Ale ingredients singing together in glorious harmony.  This is one mighty tasty bottle conditioned Belgian.


A pour into my Delirium Tremens snifter reveals a beer that looks just like a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade.  It is light pale yellow and hazy.  As the head disappears lace is left all over place.

Give Tremens a sniff and you are immediately reminded of a Belgian Farmhouse Ale with it’s barnyard aroma of yeast and slight funk.  Then all of a sudden, BOOM, it’s apricots, banana, and spice.  This went from funky to fresh in an instant.

The flavor is fruity and full of complexity.  As the sweetness fades the hops come in and finish off the balancing act.  The flavor vanishes quickly and all you are left with is the drying finish begging you to take another deep pull.

Drinkability on Delirium Tremens is medium due to the fact that this brew is so good you will easily forget it weighs in at 8.5% alcohol by volume.  Take it slow or you just might start feeling the effects of the real DT’s.

Beer: Delirium Tremens

Brewer: Brouwerij Huyghe

Serving: 750 ml,  Caged and Corked

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

ABV: 8.5%


Appearance: Not prom queen, not sitting in the bleachers either- 3.5/5

Aroma: Complex aroma- 4.7/5

Flavor: Equally complex- 4.3/5

Mouthfeel: Dry finish makes you instantly want more- 4.0/5

Drinkability: High ABV is hidden well, be careful- 3.9/5

Overall: 4.08/5

Chance of Beer Epiphany: 70%

Delirium Tremens has a strong chance of converting non-craft beer drinkers.  With the complexity common in Belgian beer and high ABV it just might be enough to bring people over from the Dark Side.  From someone already associated with good beer this may not rock their world, but it would still prove to be a tasty treat.

Brouwerij Huyghe



  1. Great Post. I hope you don’t mind me posting here. I love your site, I’ll look forward to your next article

    • Thanks for the comment! And no, I definitely do not mind you posting here. Comments are always welcome.

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