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Featured Beer Link of the Day #1.

January 19, 2010

Thanks to Google Reader I have hundreds of beer articles complied into one place on a daily basis.  I have blog posts, press releases, beer reviews, tweets, and news about beer rolling into my Google Reader 24/7.  So, it is because of this I have decided to start sharing some of the best articles, reviews, etc. with my loyal Beer Epiphany readers.  For the most part I will try to post a new link either in the morning or around noon and save my beer reviews for the evening, but rest assured you’ll be seeing something new grace the front page of Beer Epiphany daily.  Along with the link I will also be providing commentary on whatever the topic may be.  I’m hoping to spur a little bit more discussion than what a standard beer review will garner.

Featured Beer Link #1: Sour Beer and pucker, good, bad, and ugly Part 1

Part 2

The first featured beer link comes courtesy of Beer Examiner Charlie Papazian.  He is a regular contributor on for all things beer.  You most likely also know him for his founding of the Association of Brewers and his many books on Homebrewing.  This article examines the sour characteristic common in many beers, especially those from Belgium.  If you have ever wondered why a beer tastes sour whether intentional or not (or if you can’t tell the difference) then this article is a must read.  It also might help you gain an appreciation for sour beers if you have never help one previously.  I strongly believe that one can never know too much about beer, and the more you know the more you appreciate it.  Check out the links if sour is your thing and give credit to Charlie for all he has done for beer!

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