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Featured Beer Link #2.

January 20, 2010

Todays featured beer link comes to us courtesy of Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet.  Jack (I’m assuming that is his name for obvious reasons) today posted an awesome review of an equally awesome beer, Tröegs Splinter Gold.  I will let Jack do most of the talking, but here are a few snippets about the brew via the press release:

This beer is extremely limited release.  We are talking only 300 bottles here.  During its two year aging process it sees oak wine barrels and Westmalle yeast.  Pretty impressive.

Jack does exactly what he should do when reviewing this beer, scholarly-level attention to detail.  After I was finished reading his review I was dying to get my hands on a bottle.  However, with only one rating and 11 reviews I’m curious as to where the other 280+ bottle of this stuff are.  I would gladly take one off of someones hands.  It seems Mr. Curtin wasted no time in cracking open what he already knew to be a special brew.  Way to go!  Thanks to Liquid Diet I now have one more beer to add to my wishlist.  I strongly encourage all my loyal readers to check out Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet and not only read the review, but see what other rarities he has come across.

I’ll let Jack take it from here with his review.  Be sure to follow the link below!  Cheers!


Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet Troegs Splinter Gold Review

  1. I have trouble keeping up with your posts! Nice work on keeping them coming so frequently.

    I’d love to try this one, but sadly it’s hard to get a hold of anything Troegs in AZ.

  2. Same here. I have never seen any Troegs stuff on shelves in Central Illinois. Thanks for the comments and be looking for a Hopslam review soon!

    • Looking forward to it — Bell’s actually just started shipping to AZ, so I tried my first Hopslam a few nights ago! The nose alone almost knocked me off my feet.

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