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Boire Moins, Boire Mieux

January 25, 2010

“Boire moins, boire mieux” is an old French axiom meaning “drink less, drink better.” I just came across this thanks to a fellow beer blog, “Blogging at World of Beer.” It goes perfectly with what a true craft beer or good beer lover should both practice and preach. We must keep in mind that many (but not all) of the most sought-after beers contain higher alcohol by volume percentages.

Myself, I rarely consume more than two full pints on any evening out unless the average ABV is below 6%. However, most of what I seek out hovers around 8%.    So, I must use discretion and be an advocate of “Boire Moins, Boire Mieux.” Plus, craft beer thrives on the fact that one seeks it out for the pleasure of the flavor and aroma, not getting wasted off higher ABV percentages.  At home if I plan on doing a review I always drink that beer first so that nothing can interfere with what I am experiencing.

It is amazing how I went from a stupid college kid who never cared about anything except a low price:quantity ration, and now I’m willing to spend $30 on a single bottle solely for the experience of drinking that one beer.  This is what craft beer is about.  That 10% behemoth of an Imperial Stout may make you crave more than one pint, but try laying one down for a year or so and see how much better it seems.

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with being social and perhaps getting a little tipsy from time to time.  Just remember once common sense goes so do the other five senses that truly give us pleasure from beer.

Drink better, drink less.


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