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Featured Beer Link #3

January 25, 2010

Today’s featured beer link comes to you courtesy of Blog O’ Beer (  I follow Blog o’ Beer on my Google Reader and today’s post caught my attention with the title “Strong Stout vs the Common Cold” written by Darren Turpin.  Having suffered many lengthy colds that have kept me far away from anything craft beer my interest was immediately piqued.

This post features two strong stout reviews aimed at curing a nasty cold the author is suffering from.  It even kept him away from a beer festival!  The reviews are succinct and full of great descriptive phrases that really make these brews jump out from the screen and into your nose and mouth.  I too know the pain of drinking a good beer while barely being able to breath thanks to a cold, but it sounds like a strong stout isn’t a bad way to help fight the virus (or at least make you forget as Darren points out).  The De Struise/ De Molen collaboration he mentions had me running to to see what other selections they have.

Great site and great post!

Check out the link and support fellow beer bloggers


Featured Link: Blog o’ Beer “Strong Stout vs the Common Cold” by Darren Turpin

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