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My Attempt at a Session. Two Brothers Ebel’s Weiss. Craft Beer Review.

February 10, 2010

My goal when beer shopping for the “Big Game” (I don’t dare mention The Uper-Say Owl-Bay by name for fear of infringing on copyrights and selling my soul to CBS and the NFL) was to purchase and drink all six beers in one session. Therefore, I was shopping for a session beer, something sub-5% alcohol-by-volume and drinkable enough to have more than just one or two. So, pacing the aisle at my trusty Friar Tuck I finally decided upon Two Brothers Brewing Ebel’s Weiss.

Ebel’s Weiss is a German-style Hefeweizen and weighs in at 4.9% abv and 12 IBUs. I was hoping the light and delicate flavors of a traditional hefeweizen would be the perfect compliment to my Mom’s awesome taco dip and meatballs plus assorted other snack foods. By the way, I’m a Bears fan, but I was rooting for the Saints purely because my sister is a Colts fan. Sibling rivalry never dies.

Back to beer. I picked up a six on Friday, put it in the fridge Sunday morning, and cracked the first one open at 5:30. Unfortunately, due to the extremely quick game and my leisurely drinking pace I only made it through four Ebel’s Weiss. I’m no “lightweight,” but since I’ve started appreciating craft beer my beer per session ration has gone way down. No. 5 came yesterday doing my taxes ( is a great site) and No. 6 comes tonight as I write this review.

So, my session consisted of four beers in three hours during a slew of Bud Light, Kia, and Doritos commericals plus the occasional Peyton Manning INT.


Beer: Ebel’s Weiss

Brewer: Two Brothers Brewing Company

Style: Hefeweizen

ABV: 4.9%

IBU: 15

Serving: 12 oz. bottle pour, Erdinger Weizen Glass


Poured into my .5 L Erdinger Weiss glass Ebel’s Weiss is a hazy golden yellow with a tall white frothy head. This looks exactly as a Hefeweizen should look.

The aroma is at first a little barnyard, but then blends perfectly into a mix of vanilla, yeast, and banana esters. An orange spice is noticeable as well. It is a refreshing aroma that has me ready to take a big gulp.

The flavor is quite fruity. My tongue first picks up traces of orange which then gives way to a refreshing wheat kick. Vanilla bits creep in to add a welcome complexity. Hefeweizens are pretty predictable, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. The banana, orange, and vanilla flavors can be expected, but they have to be balanced in order to be enjoyable. Ebel’s Weiss is balanced and refreshing.

The mouth is creamy and oh so smooth. Close your eyes, take a big swig, and feel the silky waves of wheat glide over your taste buds. It’s quite an experience! If you let it sit the prickly carbonation tickles the mouth urging you to swallow.

The purpose of a session beer is to be drinkable in greater amounts. In order to achieve this they must taste good, be balanced, and have a low ABV percentage. Ebel’s Weiss achieves all of this remarkably well and would come highly recommended if one is looking to throw back more than a few pints in an evening. The flavor isn’t “complex” as much as it is a mish-mash of favorable fruit tones.                                                                                                                                                                            Highly drinkable, highly enjoyable.


Appearance: 4.8/5

Aroma: 4.0/5

Flavor: 3.9/5

Mouthfeel: 4.1/5

Drinkability: 4.2/5

Overall: 4.2/5

Chance of Craft Beer Epiphany: 70%

Wheat beers are an excellent way to introduce people to the world of craft beer. The flavors are fruity and pleasant and unlike what one finds in typical light lagers. Blue Moon has turned many people on to the concept of “other beer” and Ebel’s Weiss is a great example of a German Hefeweizen. Wheat beer can do wonders for the craft beer community to lure drinkers in with new flavor profiles. I would hand anyone an Ebel’s Weiss and dare them to refuse another.


Two Brothers Brewing Co.



German Beer Styles: Hefeweizen

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