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February 21, 2010

***For some reason I thought this got published last week and it didn’t.  My Racer 5 review was written after I tried keeping these ideas in mind.***

Garrulous, a.k.a. chatty, wordy, redundant, blabbermouth, talkative.  I fear that here on Beer Epiphany I have begun to epitomize the definition of this word.  My posts have grown longer and more muddled with unimportant information.

For me, each beer is an experience.  I read reviews from all over, I visit the website, and I take my time as I drink the whole pint.  I created Beer Epiphany to share this experience with my fellow craft beer enthusiasts.  However, I feel that while I am chronicling my journey through 16 ounces of malted barley I begin to lose foucus.  A Google search this morning for “fuller’s ESB” revealed my 12 hour-old review cracking the top 10 Google Search results; If I am going to be having increased traffic to my blog then I must shape-up or ship-out.

So, as I close in on 1000 views I promise to my loyal and faithful readers that I will attempt to become more succinct with my thoughts.  And for any of you reading this in the morning I will share a brief philosophical exchange I had with a co-worker:

Me: Good Morning.

Co-Worker: What’s so “good” about it?

Me: I don’t know.  I guess we’re going to find out.




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  1. James, while I completely empathize with your fear of the superfluous, I also appreciate the bit of a literary flair in your reviews. It gives it character, instead of just numbers and categories. Beer and life are complex and its intriguing to read your reflections on both. Nice work, here.

    • Michael,

      Thanks for the continued feedback! This is exactly the type of style I’m going for with a bit of “extra” information. I try to share each beer as an experience as opposed to just numbers and such. Again, thanks for the support and keep up the good work at PHM! I’m a avid follower. Also, I’ve got the iPhone app and I’ll be leaving a review on iTunes once I get to play around with it more. Cheers!

  2. I battle with this frequently too … the end result being that some of my articles seem to never end, while others are way too short. Heh. But honestly, I enjoy your articles.

    Although I think I have some ideas about why you lose focus as you work your way through a pint…

  3. Porsche permalink

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    What really sets Jackie O’s apart from other microbreweries and restaurants, though, is owner Art Oestrike’s incorporation of a local mantra. In a town that is home to one of the highest poverty rates in the state, Oestrike is committed to supporting area businesses and the local economy. This local vision has been applied to all aspects of Oestrike’s operation, as he is dedicated to trying to get all supplies—be it food, furniture or fermenters—within a 100-mile radius of Athens. Patrons and townspeople alike have welcomed and celebrated this mantra, and bloggers and writers alike have embraced it, too.

    We’d like to extend an invitation for you to visit Jackie O’s. Open noon Sunday through Saturday night, you’re always welcome. And if you’d prefer a private beer tasting, just call Jackie O’s at 740-592-9686.

    Your friends at Jackie O’s Public House and Brewery

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