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April 6, 2010

There are few things in life I enjoy as much as beer, and I do not believe there is anything I enjoy more than beer.  My iPhone comes close, and I’m a big movie/music/tv buff as well, but nothing really captures my attention quite like beer.  Let’s face it, I didn’t start an iPhone app review blog or a blog reviewing movies.  I wanted to share my beer experiences with an audience that was as eager to listen as I was to preach.

When I sit down to blog about a particular beer sometimes I have a theme in mind.  Other times I just drink the beer and see where it takes me.  So, right now I’m just gonna share a link and talk about whatever comes to mind

News broke just the other day that Apple is going to give a sneak peak of iPhone OS 4.0 this week.  Owning an iPhone for about ten months now I can honestly say that it has completely changed the way I go about my daily business.  This also entails how it has changed how I enjoy beer.  As I peruse the long aisles containing hundreds of brews at my local beer store I now have instant access to a wealth of information regarding each beer.  I can quickly browse to to get a review consensus or I can pull up a variety of beer iPhone apps and get brewery info and suggested food pairings.  In fact the free BJCP Style Guidelines app gives me instant access to a wealth of information for each and every style the BJCP recognizes, and best of all, there is no data connection required, it’s all saved locally on my iPhone.  Try printing the 73 page PDF off the BJCP website, rolling it up, and sticking that in your pocket.

Going for a brisk walk through the park yesterday I was able to reply instantly to an email from Redhook asking if I had received their package containing 8-4-1 Expedition Ale+Signature Glass.  My iPhone gives me access to beer blogs, beer styles, brewery facebook pages, and the wonderful Twitter community of beer lovers.  In fact, each and every picture I upload to Beer Epiphany is taken via my iPhone and uploaded to Beer Epiphany via the Wordress iPhone app.

My iPhone has indeed heightened my beer experience.

This brings me to my next point.  Where are all the good beer apps?! The iPhone has been around for quite a long time (the 4th generation is due out this summer) and it is largely responsible for ushering in Web 2.0 (apps, mobile websites, web apps, etc.).  A good amount of  companies have already created either a mobile-enhanced website or a downloadable applicatio.  Well, it seems that web 2.0 is lost upon the beer community.  Why is there no iPhone app?  Can you imagine how nice it would be to seamlessly rate and review a beer via a mobile interface?  Why does, by many standards the leader of the online beer community, not have an iPhone app by now for checking scores, reviewing beers, and checking stats?  All this must be done by loading the standard Web 1.0 site via my iPhone’s browser.  This is possible, but mobile sites and apps exist for a reason; they compliment and enhance the browsing experience for your mobile device.  There are no good beer review apps out at the moment, and other than BJCP, there are not many other quality beer apps available.

Beer Cloud and BeerGuide are two apps I use, but only rarely.  Beer Cloud has the interface right, but it’s lacking in content.  BeerGuide has thousands of beers, but the interface is ancient, the graphics poor, and they don’t really give you a reason to trust the information being presented.  Supposedly BeerAdvocate is working up an iPhone app, but not much new has come out since that press release in 2009.

The iPhone is a great tool for exploring beer and keeping up to date on all the latest beer happenings, but unfortunately the mobile web has neglected to produce any quality beer apps or mobile versions of great beer websites.

Well, for not knowing what I wanted to talk about I was able to sit down and blab about my two favorite pastimes and combine them as one.  I’m excited to see what web developers will come up with as they too combine the iPhone and craft beer.  Until then I shall pinch to zoom my way around BA and RB.

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  1. Mustafa Bir permalink

    I do not believe there is anything I enjoy more than beer

    I feel very sorry for you.

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