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Updates, Thank Yous, Pinky & the Brain

April 6, 2010

Say it isn’t so, but I am about to publish not one, not two, but uno, dos, TRES Beer Epiphany posts in one evening!  Granted, not one is a beer review, but thats okay.  There is always something going on in the beer world that can be shared with my faithful readers.  As mentioned previously my posting has declined recently thanks to starting a career  and all the things that go along with it.

Basically I come home and want to drink a craft beer, but not necessarily write about it.  Capiche?

Anyway, It’s been my goal to return to blogging regularly and here I am.  If you didn’t miss me then kindly finish your Michelob Ultra and cry yourself to sleep.  If you did, in fact, miss me, then crack open a proper-serving-temperature brew, pour it into style-specific glassware, and let’s roll. I’m only being facetious.  You can drink your microbrew anyway you want.  If you’re here you probably know more about craft beer than I do.  But what do I want to do tonight?  Same thing I do every night, Pinky – Try to take over the world! (One beer blog post at a time)

Actually I want to provide you all with some Beer Epiphany updates, upcoming reviews, and upcoming events.

Beer Epiphany Updates

1) Posting should be returning to normal schedule (3-4 times per week).  As I settle into my new career I come home less mentally exhausted and  ready for particpating in the online beer community again.

2) Beer Epiphany Facebook Page.  I have created a page on Facebook for Beer Epiphany, but it is not yet publicly accessible.  Here I will create an environment easy to access via facebook that will allow me to keep in better contact with readers and other bloggers.  I will also be able to post beer links I find daily that are interesting and relevant.  My Google Reader is bursting at the seams with beer articles worth reading.  I’ll be sharing them at a high frequency via Beer Epiphany on Facebook.

3) Beer Epiphany Cellar.  Look up.  Not at the ceiling, at the top of the webpage.  See that page entitled “Beer Epiphany Cellar?”  That has been created so that my readers always know what I have sitting in my cellar (aka bedroom floor) awaiting consumption.  The bolded beers have been consumed and notated, and are awaiting a blog post.  Feel free to email or comment with beers you would like to see experienced here on Beer Epiphany.

4) Scores are now out of 100.  I have chosen to abandon the 5-category review system in favor of a single 100-point method.  I feel this will streamline my reviews and allow for a better feel for how I felt a beer performed.


-Peoria International Beer Fest 2010

I attended this event for the first time last year and was blown away by the support for craft, micro, and local beer here in Central Illinois.  This years event is Friday April 23 and Saturday April 24.  Tickets are $20.  Check out the Peoria Jaycees Website for more information.  I would recommend attending even though it falls on the same day as Dark Lord Day 2010.  Hopefully they will resolve this conflict for next years event.  I will be attending and chronicling the event right here on Beer Epiphany.

-Beer Epiphany’s Inaugural Big Beer Week 2010

This will be a week where for seven straight days I review big brews.  By big I mean Hopslam, Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Avery Mephistopheles , Hopslam, and others TBD.  It’s gonna be big.  Luckily after that it will be Beer Epiphany’s Inaugural Its-Summer-Lets-Drink-Low-ABV-Summer-Brews-Week 2010 in order to recover.  Just kidding, but Summer brews are typically much lighter, so be looking for lots of them in the coming months.  Please don’t crucify me when I get to Summer Shandy from Leinenkugal.

There you have it.  Three posts in one night.  As I finish off the last remaining ounces of Bells Hopslam bottle #3 (I’ve had the six pack since it was released a couple months ago) I just wanted to impart a special thank you on all my loyal readers.  Without you I would find it hard to work up the energy to spend hours sharing my beer experiences with you all.  To those of you who comment regularly, a very special thanks.  I hope to run into some of you at beer events across the country, but until then keep drinking good beer and returning to Beer Epiphany!


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